A Brief History of Subversive Woodcuts

There is something dramatic about black and white. The black/white woodcut media is an excellent media to express complex political and social beliefs. Woodcut or relief images consist of powerful black and white images with limited lines and grays areas. The results are striking!
During Medieval times in Europe, monks used prints from woodblocks to express their moral and social concerns.  In later centuries, in Europe great artists such as Albrecht Durer and many others artist used   black/white woodcuts to illustrate social problems and deep religious beliefs.  During the late early 20th century, the famous Mexican graphic artist Posada used relief prints to illustrate social issues faced by common Mexicans. During the depression era of the 1930’s many artist including Orozco and Kollwitz produced the woodcut media to express social problems.
Today the woodcut /relief media is still used by many artists to illustrate books, magazines and even blogs.  Woodcuts designs are also often used as the graphic images for clothing and newspapers articles. I have continued the tradition of producing social critical art in the woodcut / relief media.  Long live the woodcut and relief media!